Terminodour™ Ionized Odor Control

Whereas other systems extract and treat odors, the Terminodour system is unique in that it oxidizes the odor at the point of the source. The ionized air is distributed into the building where it reacts and oxidizes odors while maintaining a healthy working environment for operators and reducing corrosion. Terminodour uses no water, chemical or media which minimizes capital and operational costs in dealing with spent media or consumables. There are more than 150 operational Terminodour plants worldwide.


What makes Terminodour unique from other odor control systems?

Most odor control systems extract and scrub odor from the gas stream. Terminodour generates negatively charged oxygen molecules and delivers them into the source of the odor be it a building or a tank. The odors are then oxidized by contact with the ionized air.


What are the cost-saving benefits of the system?

On a recent project we were able to offer greater than a 50% reduction against the cost of a chemical scrubber with operational costs being around 25% of the chemical scrubber system. Savings will vary across applications.


As a treatment plant operator, why would I want to purchase this product? Health benefits?

Apart from the capital and operating cost savings; the main benefits are the small footprints, minimal maintenance and improved air quality for operators. The improved air quality also results in greatly reduced sulphide inspired corrosion of concrete and plant including control panels.


How is the odor control system applicable to municipal wastewater treatment plants

Most of our 200 plus installations are in the waste water sector, typical applications are Headworks, wet wells, pumping stations and EQ basins. We have also installed many systems in sludge treatment centers, although typically we provide combination systems incorporating Terminodour with scrubbing systems for this type of application to provide an effective low cost solution.


What kind of odors or gases is the system designed to control?

Terminodour works well with H2S, Mercaptans, DMS, DMDS, Amines and other gasses that typically make up the waste water related odor cocktail.


What kind of maintenance does it require?

Periodic cleaning of the inlet filters and ionizing tubes, none of which requires specialized labor. Frequency depends on the quality of incoming air but typically a quarterly maintenance program is utilized.


What is the expected life of the ionizing tubes?

Ionizing tubes are guaranteed for 12 months, typical life expectancy is 18-24 months.


What size plant or square footage can the system handle?

The system is modular so there is no limitation on maximum size.


What else would you like to tell me about the system?

We have an installed base of 200 plus systems worldwide although the majority are in the UK. The system has been fully tested for potential H&S issues such as Ozone production all of which have been passed with flying colors. Test reports available by request. Kusters has a small trial plant available for rent or trial applications.

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