Municipal Markets

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Typical Municipal Wastewater that enters a treatment plant can be very complex, in many cases containing high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), various levels of organic loads (BOD) and, depending on some locations, may contain elevated levels of Fats, Oil & Grease (FOG).  Various treatment options are available for Screen and Grit removal as well as Primary and Secondary Clarification. Zi-Biox® pretreatment systems can also be customized to meet the clients’ needs.  Additionally, odors are typically problematic and require some form of treatment.  Terminodour™ has a proven track record of efficient environmentally friendly odor reduction in the wastewater industry.


Applicable Kusters Water Products:

ProTechtor® Screening and Grit Removal Systems

Clarification Equipment

Terminodour™ Odor Control System

Zi-Biox® Package Plant

Zi-Biox® Trickling Filters

Dissolved Air Flotation


Water Treatment Plants

There are two objectives in water treatment plants. To make water Potable, that is, safe to drink and also to make water Palatable, or aesthetically desirable. All surface water and some groundwaters require treatment prior to consumption to ensure that they do not represent a health risk to the user. Health risks to consumers from poor quality water can be due to microbiological, chemical, physical or radioactive contamination.  Kusters product offering for water treatment plants focuses on Sedimentation.  Sedimentation is the removal of suspended solids through the settling of particles moving through a tank at a slow rate. There are a number of methods for sedimentation.


Applicable Kusters Water Products:

ProTechtor® Screening Systems

Standard Clarification Equipment

Solids Contact Clarification Equipment for turbidity removal

Gravity Thickening Equipment for sludge concentration

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