Web Guiding Cleaning Units

Enables Flexible Application in Printing and Dyeing Ranges.


Cloth Guiding Control

  • Pivoting frame control for central or edge orientation
  • Edge control by means of contact-free sensors

Beating /Vacuum Unit

  • Intensity adjustable via continuous change of beat frequency
  • Direct dirt and lint removal by vacuum

Duplex Beater

  • Cleaning intensity adjustable via control roll
  • Dirt extraction directly into the collecting trough by means of transportation belt

Pile Raising Unit and Brushing Unit

  • Adjustable bulking effect via
  • Continuous preselection of roller rotations
  • Continuous adjustment of penetration depth
  • Fabric specific application with rubber-flap beater roller or steel-brush roller
  • Low maintenance due to continuous vacuum lint extraction


Technical Data

  • Working width: up to 5200 mm
  • Working area of the cloth guiding control: +/- 200 mm

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