Nylon, Wool, and Polyester

  • Modular Design for quick and easy installation
  • Steam savings through “cloud control” technology which also insures an oxygen-free atmosphere for an optimal dyeing process
  • Steam saturation through external, internal or combination sumps
  • Special steam distribution for quick heat up of dyeing liquid
  • “Mass Flow” control of steam feed to minimize tailing
  • Minimized creasing through the use of jumbo rolls, pneumatic controlled compensators and driven backup rolls



  • Storage wrinkle and crease remover
  • Fiber conditioner for better dyeing



  • For stain blocking chemicals


Technical Data

  • Working width:  up to 5200 mm
  • Cloud control:  Automatic steam control system
  • Tension control:  Manual of automatic
  • Plaiting belt length:  According to the number of plaits

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