Fabric Exits

Surface Winder

  • Drive optional via controlled
  • AC motor
  • Pneumatic take-off device for the winding arm
  • Oscillating unit, optional
  • Spreading roller
  • Pulling device with safety unit


Plaiter Winder

  • Controlled AC drive
  • Variable adjustable plaiting length
  • Installation of ionization unit, optional


Cloth Scray

  • Mounted either at ground level or elevated
  • Pulling device with pendulum compensator and jockey roller
  • Pneumatic fabric tensioner for changes in operation mode
  • Braking roller
  • Fabric edge guiding
  • Adjustable stainless j-box with synthetic sliding profi les
  • Surface winder or plaiterwinder combination


Technical Specs

Working Width: 900-3400mm

Production Speed:

  • Surface Winder: max. 150 m/min
  • Plaiter: max. 80 m/min

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