Compacta Washer

High-efficiency open-width washing machine for wovens type: vertical washing machine


  • Regular transverse flow/counter – flow liquor feed
  • Jockey roller for liquor separation
  • Automatic control of fabric tension for minimum and constant fabric tension
  • Individual drive of top rollers, optional indoor or outdoor installation
Working Width 1600-3400mm 1600-3400mm 1600-3400mm 1600-2200mm 1600-2200mm
Fabric Content 10m 17m 20m 25m 30m
Squeezing Points1 2/4 3 4 4  
Liquor Content = F x (ww + 400) F = 0.27311 F = 0.39241 F = 0.4784 F = 0.60361 F = 0.68731
Roll Diameter 150mm 200mm 150mm 200mm 150mm 200mm 150mm 200mm 150mm 200mm

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