Polyurethane Applicator

Zima Textile has developed and Patented a Revolutionary New Applicator for the application of Polyurethane as a Carpet Backing to replace the traditional “Action Back” Latex backing for carpet. The process for Polyurethane backing includes a soft non-scratch nonwoven backing bonded to the carpet with a Polyurethane Blend. Polyurethane is less weight, 1/3 less than traditional latex coating, and easier to install. The Polyurethane backing provides its own water seal and additional PU blend can be added to make a heavier weight water seal if needed. The Polyurethane cures without the need for a large Carpet Dryer which is a considerable energy savings. Zima Textile has recently installed the first continuous range in Dalton, Georgia. Our expectations are Polyurethane will someday replace the conventional Action Back Latex backing on all Carpet.

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