Kusters Machinery Corporation was founded in 1974 through a partnership between Kurt Zimmerli, founder of Zima Corporation (1969), and Eduard Kusters Maschinenfabrik of Krefeld Germany. The Kusters Brand is best known, as a worldwide leader, in the textile and carpet industries for our dyeing and finishing machinery. Our strength through the years is uncompromised quality in stainless steel manufacturing and engineering excellence. In 2005, Jagenberg AG purchased 100% of the shares of the company. With the change in ownership came the merger of Kusters Machinery Corporation and Zima Corporation into Kusters Zima Corporation. It was during this transition that our new shareholders allowed us to expand into new markets. In 2007, we acquired the assets of Waste Tech Incorporated, a supplier of headworks equipment to the wastewater industry. In 2012, we expanded our presence in the wastewater industry by acquiring Hi-Tech Environmental, a sales and engineering company that focused on clarifier product offerings. In 2013, we formed the division, Kusters Water, to bring the products of Waste Tech and Hi-Tech under one market name. Since 2019, we are now Zima Corporation. We pride ourselves in being a leader in both the textile and wastewater industries by offering turnkey solutions to all our customers.